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I haven't contacted other artists yet since using the app. I honestly thought it would make it easier. Are we able to view groups, plus the we ones follow? If you know thus, please let me know. (I miss Harley Quinn Groups, Fashion Illustration, etc)

I've been getting favs and comments, but I haven't attempted to comment on artists' profiles to say "thank you".

So, if you see this entry;
- thank you for the favourites
- thank you for who followers me (I try to follow back, but always will do it)
- and thank you for your comments, if I've not replied back

Take care. It means so much to me.

While I'm busy, you as much as this community, helps to encourage to keep on working.
Everyone has so much talent, no matter at what level.

I personally love seeing different styles of artwork. Whether be hobby to professional. They're all awesome.


By this time tommorow, the 31 Days Of Halloween challenge, shall begin...Day 1.

I'm nervous, as I said in this post:… (also on Status)

But hope it does go well (unlikely). Anyway, wanted to do a little update to start things off, so Good luck to me, God Bless.


P.s - a mention for free to get involved is open.
I love the artwork, looking for seasons. All creative!! :)
New Post, the latest:…

Campaign: (in aid of Mind - mental health charity)


I have been uploading videos as best as I can to continue, with setting up for this project.
I'm counting down the days gradually until the very 1st.

To explain, this project is all creative prone, and it's just for fun.
I love doing these sort of projects, because it uses your own creative ability to express this through any medium.

I just hope all goes well (fairly not, I know).

Take care for now,
For thus past month, ive been planning for 31 Days If Halloween. This October, 2015_ I hope to do posts, vids, creative stuff for the month.

Hopefully itll go well, with support from fellow Bloggers and just help from anyone.

Thank you. Latest update is in the status, but here is the link also:

Project: 3 Outfits For Dolls…

Take care for now,
To update my journal, I've been updating my blog ( lately.

For latest work, I've been uploading normally and to my scrapbook folder.

These are latest styles, and designs, to other work I have been doing.

Latest update has been the Jun/Aug 2015 (Collection). This allows a full view, from a video to videos I've been uploading to YouTube (xImmortalMindsx, my channel) - previews view.

Hope this has been a resourceful journal entry, and thank you for your support.

Take care.
I honestly wish, for every work I do I had a description. This happens, because I could just design out of the blue.

Get my equipment are design.

I honestly hope that showcasing, is just another way to express what I do.

Minus the description, I just hope designing - from a God blessing, sorry non-believers - is just better than having a 'mind full of words' in a way.
I take designing, because I feel like I'm better at that (than talking or description, lolls).

Take care all, and hope to showcase things soon. Designs, and all.
Within my scrapbook (scraps), I've done snapshot preview, of my Jun/Jul 2015 (Collection).


I do hope to continue.
For this month, Ive decided to use felt tips, to do my designs, etc.

The previous month, I used crayons. Wasn't easy, but I found it fun and more expressive to form the drawings I wanted.

I would advise to try. It's a bit of experiments, with art equipment I've got over the years.

Thank you, and feel free to view.
On YouTube, I posted a new video.

It is a design, and it features in my gallery.
If you would like to view, feel free to.


It was my first time recording, I was nervous at first. But I gradually ignored the lense.

May you feel free to tell me your views, and thank you.

Take care.
I featured this on my blog.

I've been thinking about recording. However, I would maybe, record other things to so, any ideas? Feel free to say so.

But I've considered and confidence comes into it and I lack this.

So, I'll try best.

Take care, and hope to keep up with my work. If anything, I've been putting things in my scrapbook too (on here). So fun especially, to showcase.

Thank you for viewing.
I just did a status update, that included a post link to a #NewPost I did within my blog.

Here's the link:…

Feel free to view.

I open up about what I saw two homeless do, and a few thoughts for the homeless.

It is a "touchy" subject, but it was good to express and a nice feeling to share.

I'm starting also, to include any artwork I can for my blog which I've always wanted to do.

So, feel free to view, like and comment.

Take care all.
I've just included lastest updates of logos and backgrounds, and I felt proud of how much I did to, this day, what I use them for.

It's a nice feeling to have this, for me because I've felt like I haven done so much. However, looking through the 'gallery' - virtual stuff these days... - I'm really proud by what I've done, to what I can showcase.

Nice feeling. Have you ever had them times?

Take care.

And, I've been mentioning throughout things. It's a blog where I talk like this, but showcase my work too.

Feel free to view, I say once again. Whether you have viewed this sayings or not. *smile*
I did a new post of what has been on my mind lately (a little dwell into my mind).

Link: Abuse Talk + How It Effects Me…

May you take care dAers,
Heys for anyone who's a follow or a viewer.

Recently I've been posting on my blog - - and updating my scrapbook on dA.

I love doing drafts, it's like a set ready to be created into something like a final piece. Or it could be a collection just for something to come back to. Very helpful.

I use it to showcase what I can share, in a way. But it's like an upcoming feature for me.

For posting, I do most updates on my blog (I feature my work there too), but also with lifestyle posts. A collection of what I may be doing then to now.

It's been difficult recently, but sharing the difficulties is what makes things better, right?

So, I leave this journal (even update to my blog, on my health for now, which isn't good at this time), in a good enough mood as an update.

I love this feature. Keeping up with featured updates is good.

Take care.
Posting V Projects: African Tribal Influence, March Special…
Made a short video, which is also available on the whereabouts. Feel free to view.


Remember to keep updated on:

Take care, and enjoy the creations! It was fun to see something all made and simple to use. Really great times.
Been doing blog posts for the past week. Plus, hope to continue you designing.

Before that week, I was busy (Christmas time). For this week, I have been relaxed. Like they say, things go back to normal. But does it...?

For work, it can change so much. Discovering something new to getting inspiration to boost a lifetime.

The months could give new light on what makes work and life more greater or takes it into a new direction.

It's like I'm speaking out of my mental state, but it could and does happen. Also, when realised for most.

Feel free to view my scrapboo, may seem dome exclusive work:…

Take care and feel free to check out the things that I get up to.

Twitter: pukka01

Happy New Year Viewer!!

What's coming up for 2015 is a focus year.

May be unwell some days, but I miss and love what I do best.

Designing and blogging have been great for me, so I focus to do my best and concentrate on them.

Part from doing other things sometimes, these are my main likes to do and where I feel more excepted to do that
Really good I hope.

So, take care and have a good year.

Until next time, peace.

New Artwork:
The Sections - Draft,…
  • Drinking: Water, had tea already :)
New titles and changes.
Really nice, but where's the make?

(Having trouble with saving)...

Hope for a result soon, like possible.

On the side of art, I manage to do blogging.
Whether featuring artwork or typing things out (mostly writing), sharing format is on

Two forms:…
This is the blog for designs and features

This is the dairy blog

Along with this, I am part of a blogger community on Google plus.
They're friendly, appreciative and supportive.

Free free to check and join here:…
All the greater.
As a community, it is growing.

Untitled-3 by keelo15

Much luv.
I come to do a new journal entry and I'm greeted by change of the da page.
Shall wait for the new app also, hopefully.

Anyway, pray tell, I'm in a mind change of acrobats with art. Such as, how they do it and the different forms they take when they are up in the air or even on the ground (to consider).

Before, I showcased some circus characters and have done few acrobat drawings. But I guess the creating flair has sparked up again.

It's such a wonder how they do it and yes, what forms they may take. To a plus for the outfits and equipment.


For updates on projects, feel free to view:

If you like reading behind the scenes, or what as an artist I get up to: please view:

For designs and now, clothing collections (new feature), enjoy reading at:

All the freelance. All the goodness.